Killed DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was In Contact With Wikileaks Says Former DC Detective

Killed DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was In Contact With Wikileaks Says Former DC DetectiveIts since the 27 year old computer expert who worked for the DNC, Seth Rich, was killed shot twice in the back without anything of value taken from him, been close to a year. Rich was found living and in shock before he bled out his departure ruled nothing higher than a botched robbery.

Many consider Rich was a casualty retaliation for being the source who provided Wikileaks having a trove of DNC e-mails. Gossips were fueled by the odd circumstances surrounding his death, the abrupt retirement of D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier five weeks after the murder, and an e-mail John Podesta sent to Hillarys inner circle about making an example of a suspected leaker.

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WikiLeaks @wikileaks

Podesta: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any actual basis for it.”

Of note, Wheeler does not have possession of the laptop in question however he said particular information will be published on Tuesday (5/16).

Furthermore, Wheeler believes there has been a cover-up:

The police department nor the FBI have been extroverted, said Wheeler. They havent been collaborating at all. I really believe the response to solving his departure lies on that computer, which I believe is either in the police department or at the FBI. I’ve been told both.

If his sources have told him there’s information that links Rich to Wikileaks when we inquired Wheeler, he explained , Absolutely. Yeah. Thats supported.

I ‘ve a source within the police department that’s looked at me directly in the eye and said , Rod, we were told to stand down on this particular case and I cant share any information with you. Fox5

So a former D.C. murder detective, hired by the Rich family, asserts he was told directly by a source within D.C. authorities that they were told to stand down.

It also casts doubt on the Russian hacking narrative

Furthermore, Wheeler said there to come:

I dont presume it comes from your chiefs office, but I do believe there’s a correlation between the DNC and the mayors office and that’s the info which will come out [Tuesday].


ZeroPointNow @ZeroPointNow

#Fox5 report on #SethRich bombshell re: @WikiLeaks communications:

3:36 AM – 16 May 2017

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Lets not forget Julian Assange greatly implied that Seth Rich was a source, and Wikileaks offered a $ 130,000 reward for information leading to the killer:


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Julian Assange heavily suggests Seth Rich was DNC leaker…

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Tying jointly with Dr. Pies narrative

Right ahead of the election Dr. Steve Pieczenik ex deputy Sec. of State under Kissinger told the world that the Wikileaks releases were part of a counter-coup in which elements within the US Intelligence community decided Hillary Clinton and the globalist interests she represented couldnt be permitted to reach the Oval Office. In response, US citizens not Russia, gave the DNC / Podesta / Hillary email addresses to Wikileaks throughout the 2016 Presidential race to get a timed release schedule.

Wikileaks changed the span of history

There was no table of contents or any other guide when the Wikileaks were released. Instead, these were raw DKIM checked emails, which would take nothing short of a massive bunch-sourced effort to process and decipher. Within days nevertheless, dots were fast being connected across various message boards mostly 4chan and Reddits The_Donald. New discoveries made it into the mainstream, and reached huge audiences through digital megaphones supplied by social websites giants Twitter and Facebook.

The effects of the online efforts were staggering, as the world witnessed revelations of Pay for Play by Clinton Foundation donors who funded ISIS, the DNC cheating against Bernie Sanders, MSM collusion using the Clinton campaign, Hillarys fantasies of open borders, unaware and compliant citizens, #SpiritCooking, Wet Works, and evidence of Aliens and Zero Point Energy (either that or a totally insane Edgar Mitchell (15052)).

Back to detective Wheeler and Seth Rich

If Seth Rich was in fact one of Wikileaks sources, its far less of a stretch to conclude that he was killed. Also, whats left of the Russian hacking narrative is moot, in my opinion. More to come when this could get even more interesting.

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